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Thinking About Risk - Denise Caruso - PICNIC '10

How can societies encourage innovation in the life sciences, and still protect the public from unreasonable risks?

Those who design or modify living organisms have long claimed there is little or no risk to what they do. As a result, billions (at least) of genetically engineered plants, animals and bacteria have been released into the wild.

But terms like “bioengineering” and “biotechnology” imply a knowledge of the mechanics of living things that is simply untrue by any reasonable standard.

Scientific discoveries are constantly changing our fundamental understanding of biology. Whatever declarations of safety were made based in the past, no one actually knows what the wild and the engineered are eventually going to make of each other – or maybe, eventually, of us.

Slides available here:​picnicfestival/​thinking-about-risk-denise-caruso-picnic-10

Monday, 6 September, 2010 - 10:00

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