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Maik ter Veer on Urban Art & Urban Transformation / PICNIC Festival 2011

Exploring the limits of art and technology, the Robodock festival invites artists from Europe and North America to create fanciful worlds with state of the art fire shows, industrial installations, multi-media performances and more. Using urban environments as integral part of artistic expression and experimentation, the festival is considered one of Amsterdam's major catalysts of urban renewal. The former NDSM shipyard, host of PICNIC Festival 2011, has been the setting for a number of the city's most flamboyant and visually stunning events such as the "Time, Rhythm and Transformation" bonanza in 2007 and "the Fenix Orchestra" in 2010. Robodock's firebirds enchant and rejuvenate everywhere they perform.

Robodock has chosen PICNIC as the venue from which to reveal their 2012 plans: a utopian communal art project to build the organisation's nomadic home of the future. All aspects of the project embody organic building processes, grassroots initiatives, agility and sustainability. Members of Robodock's large international network will contribute to the "Robo Cube," a talent incubator inspired by Burning Man, BimboTown and the Centre Pompidou amongst others. In this presentation, Maik ter Veer describes Robodock's colourful history and its bright future with a series of short multimedia elements.

Wednesday, 14 September, 2011 (All day)

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