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Joost Bakker on Imagine a Building that Grows Food! / PICNIC Festival 2011

The Greenhouse By Joost sets a new precedent for designing and operating better hospitality venues and public spaces. The Greenhouse is a productive building that uses the by-products of agriculture for insulation and energy, and is constructed entirely with materials that are completely and easily recycled, natural and non toxic.

It’s a living, breathing building.

Designers, engineers, builders, scientists, farmers and chefs are among those whose expertise has contributed to every aspect of The Greenhouse... from the lighting, to the menu, to the fresh baked bread and the worm farm. It aims to open a dialogue about alternative living that need not be a compromise – but that is a fine balance between functionality, sustainability and beauty.

All the features of the Greenhouse are carefully considered for their practicality, recyclability, life cycle and embodied energy - and then for their aesthetics and cost. By putting each decision through this rigorous process, The Greenhouse can provide information and examples to builders, designers, restaurateurs and the public, regarding their daily choices of materials, ingredients, and practices.

Greenhouse By Joost proves it is possible to enthuse visitors from all walks of life about sustainable design and operational practices. It is our vehicle to share some of what we have learned, and let the results speak for themselves. Above all, Greenhouse By Joost is about leading by example.

Wednesday, 14 September, 2011 (All day)

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